Should I Build A PC in 2024? Laptop Gaming at its Peek

Back in the days, there was no debate between PC vs Laptop when it came to gaming. PC was the obvious choice as laptops were not that mature to compete with desktops. But this story isn’t that simple in 2024 due to the advancements in technology. Now, you can get a lot of performance out of a Gaming Laptop which even matches to their desktop counterparts.

There is still a lot of debate whether you should Build a PC in 2024 or simply buy a Gaming Laptop. We are going to take a look at all the different aspects so it becomes easier for you to make the final call. Let’s get started!

PC vs Gaming Laptop

PC vs Gaming Laptop
Gaming on a Laptop

PC has been the obvious choice for more hardcore gamers over the past few years but in our opinion, the landscape is changing now. Processors are getting more efficient and GPUs more powerful. You can even get a laptop with an RTX 4090 in it. So, let’s break it down in different categories to see how these two compare:


Intel & AMD Ryzen Processors

When it comes to performance, the difference is closer than even before. Both Intel and AMD offer their latest processors in both desktops and laptops. The factor being power as laptops tend to run lower wattage processors. This is the same for GPUs as well.

A PC will certainly outperform a laptop if you have the latest processor and a top-end GPU. But, generally speaking, you can do the same thing on a gaming laptop that you can on a PC. The difference is big only if you are a professional and doing some intensive work like 3D Rendering, etc. But when it comes to day-to-day things, a laptop will provide you pretty much identical gaming performance.


Benefits of a Laptop vs a PC

Now, this is place where Gaming Laptops shine. It doesn’t matter how small your PC is, it is still not going to be portable. If you have a laptop, you can easily take it anywhere you want. Plug it into an outlet and you’re good to go. You can literally game in a coffee shop if you want to. This is the portability that Gaming Laptops offer which you will never get with a PC.

Another advantage is that Gaming Laptops are not only great at gaming but daily stuff as well. You can work on them as they have pretty powerful components. So, the portability section is an easy win for the laptops.


Inserting an SSD into a Laptop

Gaming Laptops are pretty upgradable, and more companies are pushing towards it like Framework. But still there is a limitation to the things you can upgrade. This is where you can argue that a PC blows the laptop category out of the water. Because in a PC, you can choose each and every component yourself and build it from scratch.

Laptops like the MSI Titan are pretty upgradable and let you replace the RAM, Wi-Fi, Storage and that’s pretty much it.  There are some other laptops that let you upgrade the GPUs but those are proprietary solutions. So, having a PC is more beneficial if you want to hand pick every part and make it how you want it to be.


Laptop is expensive than a desktop

If you are on a tight budget, then you’re only option is to go with a PC as you can mix match different configurations and get the best bang for buck. This is not the case with a gaming laptop as you can only buy different Pre-Configured Models.

Moreover, gaming laptops are generally more expensive than desktops. If cost isn’t an issue, then there are a lot of pretty amazing laptops but it is going to cost you 1.5x or even 2x than building a PC.


Durability of a Laptop

When durability comes into the picture, a PC stands superior to gaming laptops. Gaming Laptops are great because they are portable, but they are also more suspectable to damage as well. A PC is going to sit on a table all day and therefore is going to be more durable. The cases nowadays are also pretty well-built so there aren’t any durability concerns.

However, you should keep in mind that laptops are also quite a bit durable nowadays due to their aluminum construction. But still, a PC takes the upper hand as you are not going with it anywhere.

Why Build a PC?

Why Build a PC?
Building a Desktop PC

There are different types of people with varying workflows. If you want to a build a PC, here are some of the reasons that you should go for it:

  • They offer superior performance.
  • You get configure it however you want.
  • It is cheaper than a gaming laptop.

Why Buy a Gaming Laptop?

Why Buy a Gaming Laptop?

If you’re on the other end of the spectrum and haven’t built a PC before and want something that is just good to go. Here are some of the reasons a Gaming Laptop is for you:

  • You get good enough performance.
  • Laptops are just way more portable.
  • You get different configurations to pick and choose from.

PC vs Gaming Laptop – Which is better in 2024?

You see it depends entirely upon the use case of the person buying it. If you are a student then you will benefit more from Gaming Laptop. But, if you’re a professional who doesn’t travel much then a PC is going to be your best bet. But the main thing that we’re trying to say here is that:

“The gap between a PC and Gaming Laptops is shrinking each year.”

Laptops are becoming more powerful each year and there will come a time where you will get identical performance on a PC and a Laptop. Then it will boil down to your need and preferences.

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