Can your Laptop Run GTA 6? Answered

Grand Theft Auto, famously known as GTA, has always been the pinnacle of gaming, an innovation from Rockstar, that every gamer, and non-gamer knows about. Near the end of 2023, we heard about the potential release of GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto 6), the successor to GTA 5. But, with that, the speculations regarding high requirement changes were roaming. It is fine for most gamers with heavy rigs, but what about laptop gamers? To help you figure out whether your laptop can run GTA 6 or not, we have a spectacular guide. Let’s jump straight to it.

GTA 6 on a laptop

Note: GTA 6 hasn’t been released yet, and neither do the developers/publishers reveal the requirements of GTA 6. Anything from this point onwards is just “expected”.

Requirements of GTA 6 (Expected)

GTA 6 has the following minimum and recommended requirements.

HardwareMinimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
CPUIntel Core i5 – 6600KIntel Core i7 – 8700K
GPUNvidia Gforce GTA 1660Nvidia Gforce RTX 3070
Storage150 GB150 GB
GTA 6 Minimum and Recommended Requirements

Which hardware is GTA 6 dependent on?

According to the above requirements of GTA 6, we can say that the game is mostly dependent on RAM, as you require a minimum of 12 GB to even run it. While the size of the game is another question, it fairly utilizes GPU and CPU.

You can take a hit on the CPU, but your GPU should be strong enough to run the game. It is 2024, and the recommended storage should be SSD, not HDD, which is outdated.

Does GTA 6 use more GPU or CPU?

Most like GTA 5, GTA 6 is going to be a fairly balanced game, depending on CPU and GPU equally. If you have a good enough CPU and don’t have a good GPU, then you will have trouble running the game.

On the other side, if you have a good enough GPU, but don’t have a good CPU, then you will also have trouble running the game.

Take a turn from there, your RAM and SSD are also important when running GTA 6, as you need to have 150 GB SSD free space to install the game in, and your RAM should be a minimum of 12 GB.

Can your Laptop Run GTA 6?

Can your Laptop Run GTA 6
Can your Laptop Run GTA 6

If your Laptop has 1660 GPU, i5 6th Gen CPU, 12 GB RAM, and 150 GB SSD Storage, then you can run the game on minimum settings. While, our recommendation would be to have a laptop with 3050, 16GB RAM, and an i5 11th Gen to run the game at 60 fps (medium), you can tweak the settings a bit.

These settings include your Resolution, Antialiasing, FPS Lock, and low preset. By changing these, you can get GTA 6 to run on 60 FPS.

We are talking about Laptops here after all, and that means, you require more specs than the mentioned minimum, because they are compiled following the Desktop PC.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for the Best Mid-Range Gaming Laptops in 2024, or Budget Gaming Laptops for Students, we have the latest guides on the go.

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