Should you buy a laptop with Integrated GPU in 2024

Laptops have come a long way, as they provide a complete package for everyone, whether a creator, gamer, writer, editor, designer or a student who has a mix of everything. But, as technology improves, so do the choices, and sometimes this versatility gets on the nerves. That also brings us to the question of whether you should buy a laptop with an integrated GPU in 2024 or not.

It is not a simple question that we can answer yes, or no, as it affects the other factors and usability of a laptop, alongside the price point. Let’s talk about the details and answer this question, once and for all, debugging Discrete Vs Integrated Laptop GPU.

What are Dedicated GPUs, and why are they good?

Gaming Laptop with Dedicated GPU - More power!
Gaming Laptop with Dedicated GPU – More power, less portability, and battery life

Dedicated, or Discrete GPUs are often referred to as dGPU, which come with a separate GPU (Graphics Card) alongside the CPU (Processor). Just as you might have guessed by now, this separate GPU and CPU allows the system to be much more powerful.

Who should use a Dedicated GPU Laptop?

The separate GPU has more power, and it results in efficiency, generally great for content creators and gamers. Tasks like graphics designing, video/photo editing, streaming, multi-tasking, and such things that require more power from laptops tend to come with their own Dedicated GPU.

Pros of a Dedicated GPU Laptop

  • Having a Dedicated GPU in a Laptop or system provides more power
  • Multitasking is made easy
  • Laptops with Dedicated GPU can deal with every task thrown at them, making them versatile

Cons of a Dedicated GPU Laptop

  • Having a Dedicated GPU will increase the weight of the Laptop or system
  • It can increase the cost of the system
  • Having a Dedicated GPU will reduce the battery power in a Laptop when this GPU is being used

What are Integrated GPUs and how are they good?

Laptop with Integrated GPU - Less power, more portability and battery life
Laptop with Integrated GPU – Less power, more portability, and battery life

Integrated GPUs, just as the name suggests are inside the CPU chip, dealing with the graphics alongside the processing. In 2024, this thing got much more efficient and powerful, as Laptops for separate classes or workloads tend to drive towards the Integrated GPU because of various factors.

Who should use an Integrated GPU Laptop?

Integrated GPUs or iGPUs are for those people who want to either stay on the budget side or require a portable Laptop that can help them do daily tasks easily with longer battery life. Generally, business classes that require checking emails, managing a team, assisting others, writing, or day-to-day simpler tasks use the Integrated GPU Laptops. These Laptops give more battery life, and are effortless to carry around.

Pros of an Integrated GPU Laptop

  • Laptops with Integrated GPU are more cost-efficient
  • Integrated GPU Laptops have a longer battery life
  • These are much portable, and sleek looking, easy to carry around

Cons of an Integrated GPU Laptop

  • Integrated GPU Laptops are not made for gaming or power-requiring tasks
  • They are not great for multitasking, and the use of powerful tools

Should you buy a laptop with Integrated GPU in 2024

Mux Switch in Dedicated GPU Laptops provides more power, and battery life
Mux Switch in Dedicated GPU Laptops provides more power and battery life

No, in my opinion, you shouldn’t buy Laptops with Integrated GPU in 2024, except for a few people who are specifically looking for premium, and sleek Laptops that are easy to carry around and their battery can last for the whole day.

There are Laptops now with dedicated MUX switches that allow users to switch between Dedicated, Integrated, or Hybrid modes.

  • On the Dedicated, you have a powerful Laptop that can do any task you throw at it like gaming, multi-tasking, editing, streaming, and so on. But, you need to compensate for a shorter battery life, so the Laptop needs to be plugged in while doing tasks that require a Dedicated GPU.
  • On Integrated, you will have an extensive battery life, as the Laptop doesn’t need to be plugged in while using, and it can give you less noise, or heat. Great for smaller tasks like writing, watching something, managing the team, getting onto a video call, and so on.
  • While in Hybrid, the new 2024 Ai models will check on your usage, and shift between Dedicated and Integrated mode, depending on the task you are doing.

Thus, it entirely removes the requirement for an Integrated GPU Laptop in 2024. Talking about the form factor, and battery life. In 2024, this also gets covered up, as Laptops are sleeker, more powerful, and have a spectacular battery life even in their Dedicated GPU mode.

The Verdict

So, what did we learn from this? Dedicated GPU Laptops are more powerful, but they are heavier, bulky, and drain more battery life. On the other hand, Integrated GPU Laptops are not that powerful in 2024, but they are exceptionally sleek, light, and have an amazing battery life. Can’t make a decision? You can pick a Dedicated GPU Laptop with a MUX switch that allows you to switch between Dedicated, Integrated, and Hybrid modes. So, there’s room for everyone here, and based on what you want, you can pick one for yourself.

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