Lore of Pals – Palworld Story Explained

The Story of Palworld goes way beyond what players presume, as it reflects the dark truths of our own lives, slavery, animal abuse, corruption of government, police forces, agenda of government bodies, and how bad a human being can be for his benefit. Let’s get to the Lore of Pals in Palworld, the Story of Palpagos Island, and what we are doing here.

Palworld Story of 5 Bosses and Palworld Lore
5 Bosses in Palworld – Tower Defenders

Palworld is seen as a mere open-world survival game where players capture Pals, build bases, and expand their arsenal through resource gathering, but there is much more to it.

From various journals, memos, and notes found across the Palworld map, and the Boss Pals with their Humans, we have the essence of a proper Palworld Story at our disposal.

By any means, it is not complete, as there is no Palworld Ending because the game is in early access. One of the 6 characters in Palworld (including yours), has left them off, and slowly but gradually, you are uncovering these mystical creatures, as well as the Island.

The Castaway – Discovery of Palpagos Island

Castaway discovers Tablet in Palworld
Castaway discovers Tablet in Palworld

Memos found in Palworld are not from your character, rather they are from a Castaway, who also seems to get to the Island like you, and tries to experiment with things, uncovering the secrets of Palworld.

So, the Castaway or the Narrator is an explorer, as well as a scientist, who is studying the maps of the world and suddenly comes around a blank location that wasn’t seen, or covered before.

So, he decides to travel towards the location wanting to uncover the truth, but sees a thick fog covering the whole place. Attacked by an unknown thing, he wakes up on the shore.

The Island he wakes up on is the Palpagos Island, and finds a strange tablet with a screen on it, much like the tablets of today’s world. It shows images and also information.

Using this game tablet, the Castaway could take pictures of findings and document those.

The Castaway finds massive ancient Towers, and a massive Tree as well that seems to be the source of power in Palworld.

But, the question is why hasn’t anyone discovered this massive Tree, because the thick fog can’t hide it. So, it seems an invisible wall is protecting the Island from the outside world.

Palworld Palspheres and Capturing Pals

Palworld Blue Spheres to capture Pals
Palworld Blue Spheres to capture Pals

After the Castaway goes onto the Island, he explores strange animal-like creatures with abilities, known as Pals. Also, he comes across a shiny blue sphere, which he accidently drops near a Pal capturing it.

Castaway, picks it up and out of curiosity, throws it again, and the same Pal is summoned, but being a follower of whoever summoned it.

On further exploration, the Castaway finds Ancient Writings on the builds and various locations. Castaway is a scientist after all, and using his knowledge, he tried making Palspheres for himself.

It allows the scientist to capture Pals, befriending them in return. As he begins capturing more Pals, the Castaway finds out that each Pal is unique, having certain abilities like Passive, Active, and Partner Skills.

Technology Tree, Attachments, and Crafting

Crafting in Palworld - Crafting Table
Crafting in Palworld – Crafting Table

Soon after, the Castaway tried experimenting with the equipment and tried infusing them with Pals. This gives birth to saddles, parachutes, and other attachments.

Note: The Castaway finds crafting scriptures, and recipes from the Ancient Scriptures.

Palworld Towers and Human Beings Story

Castaway finds a massive Tree, and a massive Tower in the distance, which takes the attention of this scientist/explorer. So, he tries going near one and finds other Human Beings.

Like everyone else, the Castaway felt safe, but the Human Beings started attacking the Castaway. Presumably, they might be from the Ancient Civilization, but what are the guns and modern clothes doing on them?

This further takes the attention of the Narrator. He goes near the Human Beings, defeating them with his collected Pals, and progresses towards the massive Tower.

Zoe Rayna Story in Palworld

Zoe Rayna Story in Palworld
Zoe Rayna Story in Palworld – First Tower Defender

Progressing to the first Tower, the Narrator or the Castaway meets Zoe Rayne, and upon further inspection, we come to know her side in the Palworld Story as well.

Zoe Rayna in Palworld is an orphan who couldn’t meet her mother, and many years ago, her father also disappeared. She is the head of the “Syndicate Alliance” and protects the first Tower.

The Syndicates are smugglers and thugs in Palworld who capture Pals and trade them for food, resources, or currency.

Both Syndicate and Free Pal Alliance are foes to each other, but Zoe never understands why that is the case because FPA seems like good people, protecting Pals.

She didn’t want to be like her father, but eventually turned out to be the quite opposite, doing what her father once did – protect the Tower.

Zoe Rayne is seen on a Gizzbolt, who is also massive, and no one knows why some Pals are bigger than others. This Gizzbolt was freed by Zoe when it was captured by Syndicate Thugs/Smugglers.

The Smugglers captured Zoe soon after, and to protect her, the Pal used his electric powers, and both Zoe Rayne and Grizzbolt became friends. The Narrator when coming close to the Tower, was teleported in, and finding this massive Grizzbolt, he ran out in fear.

Furthermore, the Narrator or the Castaway tried to uncover the mysteries and as he dived deep into it, more questions seemed to appear.

Lily Everheart Story in Palworld

Lily Everheart Story in Palworld
Lily Everheart Story in Palworld – Second Tower Defender

Upon further inspection, the Narrator finds himself meeting Lily Everheart, who is in the second Tower protecting it while riding a massive Pal known as Lyleen.

She belongs to the tribe that is opposite to smugglers, known as the “Free Pal Alliance (FPA)”. These people protect Pals, befriend them, and save them from being used as a source of trade, butchery, or even slaves.

But, this goes way beyond that, as the Free Pal Alliance cult worships Pals, and their concept is that Human Beings exist for Pals rather than the opposite. They have the following set of rules:

  • Can’t eat Pals
  • Can’t overwork Pals
  • Can’t abuse Pals
  • Can’t use Pals for experiments
  • Should risk own life to save other Pals or protect them

Lily, as a Human Being found Pals to be smuggled and abused, which she didn’t like. So, she made an oath to save Lyleen who was captured by the other cult members.

But, Lily was attacked by them, and injured, returning to base, and finding Lyleen there waiting for her. Lyleen is a Pal who can heal others, and thus, did the same for Lily.

Lily considered Lyleen to be “Her Queen”, both guarding the second Tower.

Marcus Dryden Story in Palworld

Marcus Dryden Story in Palworld
Marcus Dryden Story in Palworld – Third Defender

Lily was somewhat suspicious of her cult or tribe and paid the Island’s Police Force to protect the wonderful Pals. This group of people is called “Palpagos Island’s Defence Force” or PDF. But, the defense system was run by a mysterious person. This takes a turn in the Lore of Pals and the Story of Palworld.

This person is Marcus Dryden who is the villain in Palworld and also guards the third Tower. Marcus Dryden is also the leader of PDF “Palpagos Island Defence Force”.

As a shady person, Marcus doesn’t care about the Pals, rather only wants to make money. Marcus is fond of Drugs/Stims and captures anyone who has one. He is making money from selling the Drugs/Stims.

He then captures people who use these bought Drugs, reselling them, and making money money.

Axel Traverse Story in Palworld

Axel Traverse Story in Palworld
Axel Traverse Story in Palworld – Fourth Defender

There isn’t much known about Axel Traverse, except that he guards the fourth Tower in Palworld. At the start of our Palworld Story, we mentioned that the game doesn’t have a complete story, rather some part is missing, which might be covered when the game leaves Early Access.

Axel Traverse is a rapper, who raps about not having good rivals, also symbolizing his love for fighting. He is also the leader of the “Brothers of the Eternal Pirate Group”. Read the full Lyrics in the image.

Rap Lyrics of Axel in Palworld
Rap Lyrics of Axel in Palworld

Villain of Palworld – Victor Ashford Story

Victor Ashford Palworld Story - Villain of Palworld
Victor Ashford Palworld Story – Villain of Palworld

Victor Ashford is the final Human who defends the fifth Tower in Palworld and is considered the Villain of Palworld Lore as well.

Much like the Narrator or the Castaway, Victor Ashford is a scientist who has gone mad. He has been searching for ways to genetically modify the Pals, making them much stronger than they already are.

Starting, he wanted to combine both the 4 Legged Pals and the Winged Pals. But, the results weren’t a success, as the bodies deteriorated.

After trying out for many attempts, he finally succeeds, creating a new species of Pals called “Shadowbeak”. He wasn’t able to replicate it again. In Palworld there is a Secret Legendary Creature, you can also Breed.

In the Victor Ashford Journal’s final line, he mentioned that the disappearance of Alex, his lab assistant, is concerning. It could be the case that Axel is Alex, Ashford’s Lab Assistant.

Lore of Pals in Palworld

Lore of Pals in Palworld attached to Word Tree - Source of Power in Pals
Lore of Pals in Palworld attached to Word Tree – Source of Power in Pals

Ancient Civilization

Palworld has these ruins, Ancient Structures, and writings that symbolize Pals living in harmony with Human Beings, both being similar in status.

The Castaway refers to them as Ancients who lived with Pals way before the current timeline.

Essence of Power and Energy in Pals

Lore of Pals - Essence of Pals in Palworld
Lore of Pals – Essence of Pals in Palworld

The beautiful bond between Pals and Humans was reflected in the Towers that had Humans and massive Pals working together in harmony.

All of this had to do with the Tower and the strange essence of power that flows through the whole Palpagos Island, just from the Towers and the World Tree.

The difference between Pal sizes and their powers symbolized the strange flow of Power, the source of Energy in Pals. This same energy separates them into different elements, giving rise to the Elemental Damage Pals.

Within the Towers that were made, Pals grew in size and became much stronger, while the Pals outside the Tower were smaller in size.

Birth and Death of Pals

Pals are born from Eggs, but there is no locking mechanism behind it. Just a female and male Pal can mate, and it results in an Egg. This Egg hatches and gives birth to a Pal.

Also, when a Pal dies, he just vanishes in the thin air. There is no explanation for that whatsoever in Palworld for the moment, but they seem to be made out of a complex Energy.

Pal Statues

Pal Status symbolizing Palworld Story
Pal Status symbolizing Palworld Story

Progressing through the Palpagos Island, the Castaway finds massive statues of Pals. Well, it shouldn’t be the case if both lived together in harmony or if Humans were controlling Pals.

It symbolizes the legacy of the Ancient Civilization. The only explanation for this would be that some Pals were objects of worship for both Human Beings and Pals.

Some Pals worshipping and following other Pals can be seen in Towers, where the small Pals are obedient to the larger Pals.

Story of Palworld in Contrast to Real Life

From the Towers, we find details on the Tribes like the Free Pal Alliance and Syndicate Thugs/Smugglers.

The Syndicate Thugs are using Pals for their own benefit without worrying about the feelings of Pals. Then, there are vegans or FPA who worship Pals and want to protect them.

Lily is paying a hefty sum of money to the Defence Force to protect rare Pals that are lower in number and could go extinct. But, where do these preachers get this large sum of money, if they are simply protecting Pals?

This explains that followers of Lily are showing love to Pals on the front, but behind the back, they are working together with PDF to sell Pals and get rich.

All of this structure parallels our world as well. There are governments or specific bodies that have a front-end face to protect and make a better world, but on the back end, they just want their benefit.

The head of PDF Marcus, shows that he is protecting Pals and Human Beings as a body of government, but on the back, he is a greedy person who wants to get rich by reselling drugs.

Marcus sells drugs and then captures people who use them in the market, earning a sum from them, getting their drugs, and then resells them for money.

He considers others as dumb people who don’t know what is happening behind their backs and cashes their stupidity.

All in all, he makes money off of “Solutions to problems that don’t exist”, just like in real life, where people gain wealth and fame by creating problems themselves and then selling their solutions.

The Verdict

Palworld might seem like a no-story game like other open-world survival games, but it has more symbolization with real-world instances than we can fathom. The tribes show a good face to the world but carry on the bad actions behind their back, using others for their own benefits, and government bodies using their power and own people to cash in.

The game is in early access and according to the developers, it has only been 60% developed. The Palworld Story and Lore of Pals are incomplete at the moment, but we have the base and what’s actually cooking here.

This information in this article is a courtesy of Neddy The Noodle, and Mauvasa. The link is inscribed in the text, so make sure you check out their amazing videos for references.

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