Palworld Secret Legendary Creature

Palworld is an adventure filled with survivability; capturing Pals and collecting resources. With each tier up, the base requires more resources and better Pals, and sometimes capturing higher tier Pals requires stronger Pals in your arsenal. All of this leads toward Legendary Pal, the pinnacle of Pal classes. To help you understand, find, and get him, we have a Palworld Secret Legendary Creature guide here.

Who is the Secret Legendary Pal in Palworld?

Palworld Secret Legendary Creature - Frostallion Noct
Palworld Secret Legendary Creature – Frostallion Noct

The Secret Legendary Creature in Palworld is Frostallion Noct, and there aren’t any easy methods to get him in the game, especially when getting started in Palworld.

Frostallion Noct

This Legendary Pal is a Dark Element type Creature with a black overall body, golden crown, and purple hair. He is massive, just like Frostallion, but looks much more aggressive and serious in expressions.

Best Skills

Partner SkillBlack SteedWhen you mount the Frostallion Noct, it will enhance the Dark Damage for both the player and the mount. Using it will convert your attack into Dark Damage
Active SkillAir CannonNeutral
Active SkillDark ballDark
Active SkillSpirit FireFire
Active SkillShadow BurstDark
Active SkillSpirit FlameDark
Active SkillNightmare BallDark
Active SkillCrystal WingIce
Passive SkillSwiftMovement Speed Increase (30%)
Passive SkillMuscleheadAttack Increase (30%) – Work Speed Reduce (50%)
Passive SkillLord of the UnderworldDark Attack Damage Increase (20%)
Passive SkillLegendAttack Increase (20%) – Defense Increase (20%) – Movement Speed Increase (15%)
Passive SkillBurly BodyDefense Increase (20%)
Passive SkillRunnerMovement Speed Increase (20%)
Best Partner, Active, and Passive Skills for Frostallion Noct – Secret Legendary Creature

Work Skill

  • Gathering Level 4


To mount the Legendary Creature in Palworld, you will have to craft the Frostallion Noct Saddle. To do so, you require the following materials:

  • 120 Leather
  • 60 Venom Gland
  • 90 Paldium Fragment
  • 240 Refined Ingot

How to Get Palworld Secret Legendary Creature

Frostallion Noct Creation - Secret Legendary Pal Breeding - Helzephyr (female) and Frostallion (male)
Frostallion Noct Creation – Secret Legendary Pal Breeding – Helzephyr (female) and Frostallion (male)

You can get the Secret Legendary CreatureFrostallion Noct only through Breeding. There is no other way to get this Legendary Pal in Palworld at the moment. You will have to select a specific male and female to Breed Frostallion Noct.

  1. Get a Breeding Farm
  2. Make an Incubator
  3. Capture Helzephyr (female) – Dark Flying Mount Pal found in Hypocrite Hill at nighttime
  4. Capture Frostallion (male) – Alpha Boss (Level 50) found in Astral Mountains
  5. Put Helzephyr and Frostallion into the Breeding Farm

Show patience and after a while a Black Egg will appear in the Breeding Farm. Pick it up and put it into the Incubator, and again wait for it to Hatch. This Hatched baby is Frostallion Noct, your Legendary Creature in Palworld.

The Verdict

For the time being, Palworld only has one Secret Legendary Creature called Frostallion Noct, created by Breeding Frostallion (male), and Helzephyr (female). Frostallion NoctLegendary Pal is a Dark Elemental Damage Pal and comes packed with a ton of skills, especially Level 4 Gathering.

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