Helldivers 2: Farm Common and Super Uranium Samples

Samples are one of the valuable currencies of Helldivers 2, but they are equally hard to come by. Here in this guide, we have the Best Method to Farm Common and Super Uranium Samples in Helldiver 2.

Samples and Their Types

There are two types of Samples in Helldivers:

  • Common and Rare Samples
  • Super Samples and Super Uranium Samples

Both have different methods to obtain inside the game. Thus, we will be sharing with you details on both of these.

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Best Method to Get Common Samples

Finding and Getting Common Samples in Helldivers 2
Finding and Getting Common Samples in Helldivers 2

There are various methods to farm Common Samples in Helldivers 2, but doing the Defend Missions will get you under 15 Common Samples with other things like XP, Rares, and so on.

The Defend Missions are exceptional for farming Common Samples in the sense that you can do this in 10 minutes and doesn’t matter which difficulty you choose.

The harder the mission is, the more Samples you will get from it, but it also increases Bile Titans and Armored Bugs.

Best Method to Get Super Uranium Samples

Silver Rock around with you get Super Uranium Samples in Helldivers 2
Silver Rock around with you get Super Uranium Samples in Helldivers 2
  1. Now, to farm Super Uranium Samples, you need to select a mission that has a higher difficulty level than “Extreme
  2. Follow through with the procedure to start the mission
  3. Find a vertically massive silver rock in the map region
  4. Pick the Super Samples around the silver rock

Note: Each region has only one silver rock and all Super Samples are here

Typically, you can find this silver rock in the center, but they tend to be around the edge of the map as well. They are random, so there is no pinpoint location for each mission.

Pros and Cons

  • When playing on a Tier 7 or higher, you will get Super Uranium Samples
  • You will also get other resources in Helldivers 2 like Medals, Common and Rare Samples
  • There are chances of also getting Super Credit
  • You will get good XP to level up early
  • Finding this single silver rock is hard, as you have to run around the whole area
  • Doing this Solo isn’t recommended because it is hard, but you can party up with 2 or more friends
  • Takes 30 minutes to 45 minutes, to complete only a single mission, but can be lowered depending on the teammates you have around you

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The Verdict

Samples are the most valuable currency of Helldivers 2, as they are required on a higher level, but as hard to find. Common and Rare Samples can be found in Defence Missions which takes less time and gives you more, making it effortless to get and farm them. But, Super Samples and Super Uranium Samples are exceptionally low in amount, take a ton of time, and are hard to find from the silver rock, but still, the best way to Farm Super Uranium Samples is to do higher level than “Extreme” missions.

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