ONEXPLAYER X1 : Taking the Throne From Steam Deck?

The time is here, One-Netbook have finally released their largest handheld designed for gaming. A week prior, the company already had confirmed the pricing, specifications and the release date. Even though you can get the ONEXPLAYER X1 at $859, there are a few caveats that you need to know. Let’s dive into the details:


ONEXPLAYER X1 gaming handheld with Intel Meteor Lake Processor with a 120 HZ Screen

The ONEXPLAYER X1 is a 10.95” gaming handheld and at this size, it is safe to say that it is probably the largest as well. You get a 2560*1600 resolution and 540 nits for brightness which is pretty amazing for a handheld. Checkout more detail on gaming laptop displays. You also get top of the line Intel Meteor Lake processors and LPDDR 5x RAM. All in all, it is shaping up to take the crown for the best handheld.

Specs and Pricing

The company is going to honor their pricing that we mentioned above but that is only for the first 200 units. This limit is also applicable for the flagship configuration as well that includes the Core Ultra 7 155H, 64GB RAM and 4 TB storage.

But if you also want to get the ONEXGPU then there is a set limit of 100 units. It starts at $1,509 and you get a Core Ultra 5 125H paired with 16 GB RAM and 1 TB of SSD storage. The Ultra Core processors are same ones that you will find in upcoming 2024 gaming laptops but with different wattages. Find more detail on laptops and gaming performance.  

The First 72 Hours are Crucial

ONEXPLAYER X1 gaming handheld with Intel Core Ultra 7 155H

If you place an order in the first 72 hours of the Indiegogo campaign, One-Netbook is also providing a lot of additional accessories as well. In simpler terms, if you place an order till January 26 at 16:00 UTC, you will get the following items as well:

  • 1x Back Support Bracket
  • 2x Controllers
  • 1x Pre-Installed Screen Film
  • 1x Protective Bag
  • 1x Magnetic Keyboard


One-Netbook is hoping to start shipping the ONEXPLAYER X1 orders in March 2024. You should also note that all of the prices listed in the crowdfunding campaign do not include the shipping and taxes. So, when you are purchasing, keep the additional shipping charges and taxes in mind.

A Bright Future for Gaming Handhelds

ONEXPLAYER X1 is ready to take the battle to the big names like Steam Deck, ASUS ROG Alloy and Lenovo Legion GO. It is the first one to launch with the Intel Meteor Lake Processors and the only alternative is the MSI Claw. But MSI haven’t provided any details on the smaller models as of yet. So, we have to wait and see but the handheld future is looking very bright for gamers in 2024.

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