PSL 9 (Pakistan Super League 2024) Sponsored by KFC – A Pro-Israeli Move

Every year cricket lovers get excited about Pakistan’s Super League, a national-level grouping, where teams are made to represent their regions like Islamabad, Karachi, Multan, Lahore, and so on. It is 2024, and this year, PSL had a bombastic opening ceremony for its 9th successful session. But, one thing was noticeably disturbing this time around, as KFC was the primary or parent sponsor of PSL 9.

Check out a detailed video from Qaiser Ahmed Raja here:

Qiaser Ahmed Raja on PSL 9 Supporting Israel by partnering with KFC

Does KFC Support Israel?

What’s so tragic about this? Well, KFC’s parent company Yum Brands is the owner of KFC itself, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Habit, alongside some other brands. KFC itself doesn’t say that it is supporting Israel, as it commits genocide against Palestine, but Yum Brands does, which ultimately owns KFC. More details on Yum Foods’s Support for Israel.

Proof of PSL 9 Sponsored by KFC

PSL 9 Partners with KFC - Official Sponsors of Pakistan Super League 2024
PSL 9 Partners with KFC – Official Sponsors of Pakistan Super League 2024

In the official release of the PSL 9 Sponsor Image, we can see that KFC is in the “Official Snack Partners”. Due to the backlash, the image was removed later on, but it can be cross-checked on the KFC design that has various deals for PSL 9.

When an image or content gets indexed on Google, it takes time to remove automatically even after deleting it. So, the image above represents the official PSL 9 post as a partner of KFC – a pro-Israeli brand.

Proof of KFC Sponsoring and Partnering with PSL 9 (Pakistan Super League 2024)

In open interviews of coaches, players, and members, the sponsors are mentioned in the background image. That also has KFC openly written for others to witness.

What can we do about this?

As the top military power for Muslims, it was our duty as Pakistanis to force the government to put a stop to the Israeli genocide in Palestine, committing atrocities in front of us.

But, that isn’t the case, so a bare minimum would be to stop supporting companies that are aiding Israel, and that includes KFC, alongside other brands that support Israel.

“If we can’t help our Palestinian brothers and sisters, then we shouldn’t go against them”. Supporting such brands and things that are against Palestine, is a pro-Israeli move on the back-end.

Pakistan Super League, showcasing KFC openly is a slap on the face of every Pakistani, and the best action would be to boycott PSL 9 (Pakistan Super League 2024) and stop funding them.

My personal preference would be to stop celebrating everything, especially these music festivals, and fests/cons because our beloved Muslim brothers and sisters are in such harsh conditions.

Also, it would be much better if each individual would educate themselves on the matter, and how brands work, so that we can be a powerhouse who controls the narrative.

The same scenario was seen with other brands like McDonald’s which got backlash and open boycott, resulting in a sudden drop in sales. So, at a bare minimum, the boycott does work because we Muslims are One Ummah and a singular body.

The elites or controllers of the narrative don’t want us to become one again, because if we do, then the narrative is according to this singular body.

McDonalds Drop in Sales after their statement on Supporting Israel by providing free meals to them.
Mcdonald’s drop in sales after Israel’s genocide on Palestine
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